We create apps that let you do more with your Internet connections.

We started Connectify, Inc. with a simple belief: that everyone should have access to the Internet no matter where they were in the world. From that simple, unwavering commitment, Connectify Hotspot was born, the first software-only Wi-Fi hotspot. Users across the globe quickly caught on, and our adoption rates skyrocketed.

That got us thinking: what other software could we create that would improve users’ Internet experiences? This led us to launch Speedify, a one-of-a-kind app that uses Channel Bonding technology to combine Internet connections for speed and reliability. As our user base continued to climb, the Speedify SDK began to attract the attention of enterprises all over the world.

Shortly after Speedify's launch, we created Pingify, an iOS app for testing network stability. Then, to kick off 2019, we released EdgeWise Connect, a native iOS app which rescues users from the edge of Wi-Fi--and rescues owls from the edge of extinction. From our offices in sunny Philadelphia, we continue to innovate by developing and designing apps that have one thing in common: they make your internet better.

Our Brands

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Connectify Hotspot

Virtual Router & Wi-Fi Repeater

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Fast, Secure, Ultra-Reliable VPN

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Network Diagnostics made Easy

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Increased Reliability on Unreliable Networks

Our Team

Alex Gizis

Bhana Grover


Brian Prodoehl


Scott Ackerman

Creative Director


Our team is a diverse group of engineers, support specialists, designers, and marketers.