How To Share Files Over Wi-Fi with Your Devices

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Unfortunately this Fling feature that allowed sharing files over Wi-Fi is not available anymore in Connectify Hotspot starting with version 2017. We strongly recommend you to upgrade to the latest Connectify Hotspot release, even if it’s lacking this one, as you will benefit from many more functionality and security improvements!

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Connectify Hotspot allows you to Fling files to other devices and computers connected to your Hotspot. You can also Fling to other instances of Connectify Hotspot running on your local network. When a device is connected to your Hotspot simply drag the file (or multiple files) onto the Hotspot UI and drop them on the target Client.

If the device is not running Connectify Hotspot, then you will see a notification to this effect. In order to access the file on the client device you need to open the web browser on your device and go to the IP address of the Hotspot machine with port 2987. You can find the IP address of the Hotspot by hovering over the top status area in the Hotspot UI when the Hotspot is running.

Follow this quick guide to get you started:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Clients’ tab on the Hotspot UI.  Your device(s) should already be connected and should be shown under the ‘Clients’ tab.


Step 2: Get the IP Address of the Hotspot.  You can find the IP address of your hotspot by hovering your cursor over the status area. The IP for my Hotspot is


Step 3: Drag any file(s) to the target device.  I have two files that I want to share with my devices. If your device isn’t running Connectify you should see the following pop up:


The IP address is the same IP address you found in ‘Step 2’ and the last four digits is the port number. You will need to put that IP address and port number into the web browser of your device to access the shared file.

Step 4: Access the shared file from the web browser of your client device with the Hotspot IP address and port number.

TIP: As a shortcut, instead of entering that long IP address, you can also go to //me:2987 in the client device web browser, which should take you to the same page.

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