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With summer winding down in just a few short weeks, we know you’re already thinking about all the things you’ll need when school is back in session. These days, college students headed back for the fall semester have an ever-expanding back-to-school checklist. Laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles are now must-have items for life on campus.

Unfortunately, many of you are still left frustrated with device limitations on Wi-Fi and wired connections in dorm rooms and residence halls. But, with Connectify Hotspot in your back to school arsenal, you can turn your laptop into a secure Wi-Fi hotspot, and easily share your school Internet connection with any Wi-Fi-enabled device. In fact, Connectify Hotspot is so useful both on campus and off, that we’re offering everyone 75% OFF any Hotspot PRO or MAX license for a limited time only. Yep, you heard right: we’re opening up our very best deal (usually only available to students with a valid .EDU email address) to all of you!

Whether you’re trying to get your work done faster, get your game on quicker, or you just want to ensure that all your devices can get online all the time, Connectify Hotspot is a must-have this back-to-school season.

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