Eau Thermale Avène and Connectify Hotspot

Alex GizisBlog, Technology

Last week we shared with you our new venture into the beauty realm. Needless to say, it has been a fun experience (how many skin care solution companies partner with software companies? The answer is not many). It made us realize that Connectify Hotspot is useful to so many folks, especially to those who travel a lot. Avène sent out the gift boxes last week to over 100 beauty magazines, newspapers, and blog writers.

These editors, writers, and bloggers travel all the time for their job and always need fast Internet connections for all their devices. And we have the perfect app for the job! Along with Avène, we offer the perfect experience for users. Traveling can take a lot out on a person, but having fast Internet connectivity on your laptops and tablets to go on Instagram/Facebook, and a face spray to keep you feeling refreshed makes the experience so much sweeter.

In light of the excitement, we created Instagram accounts for Connectify and Speedify! Go check them out. The photo below was taken by the beauty blogger, In Haute Persuit. We’re so happy that our apps are being shared with so many!


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