Connectify Year in Review: 2017 & Our Plans for 2018

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2017 in a Nutshell – Connectify Hotspot

Inevitably, the last week of 2017 allows us to take a better look of what we did here at Connectify and what’s next for 2018. So – let the review begin with Connectify Hotspot:

  1. January 2017 – we launched Connectify Hotspot 2017, a major update from the previous version, with a built-in ad blocker, emojis in the hotspot names and availability in 10 international languages.
  2. February 2017 – we held our first #coolhotspotname contest with major success! If you missed this one – we are running that again as you’re reading these lines, till January 7, 2018!
  3. March 2017 – launched the Gaming Mode for Connectify Hotspot, which solves gaming issues with WiFi hotspots.
  4. Wikileaks’ Vault 7 Dump unveiled that Connectify Hotspot was one of several popular programs being probed by the CIA for potential vulnerabilities. Our team fixed any possibility of an attack to our users beginning with version 2017.4 of Connectify Hotspot.
  5. April 2017 – both Connectify Hotspot and Speedify were part of HumbleBundle’s Happy PC bundle – another great success for all parties involved ;)
  6. We continued to stand by Cubans for free access to the Internet by offering free Connectify Hotspot MAX licenses to Cuban citizens.
  7. November 2017 – one month after Microsoft’s Fall Creators Update began to roll out, we fixed the mobile hotspot issue in Windows 10 with Connectify Hotspot 2018 Beta.
  8. December 2017 – after a few weeks of testing, we launched Connectify Hotspot 2018 – the only mobile hotspot software app that works with Windows 10!

2017 in Review – Speedify and Pingify

Speedify continued to grow as a mobile VPN service, getting more users and becoming attractive and popular for teams, companies and enterprises. We are now optimizing and securing over 1,000 TB (yes, one petabyte!) of data each month with the Speedify mobile VPN service. We also launched Pingify, a tool to test VPN reliability.

  1. February 2017 – we attended the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, where we established the grounds of some very important partnerships with media broadcasting companies, Internet service providers, mobile operators and MVNOs.
  2. April 2017 – as Speedify version 5 proved to be fit as a glove for Twitch gamers, well-known gaming blogger Kevin McClusky a.k.a. Qalamari tested Speedify and recommended it.
  3. May 2017 – as the world was hit by WannaCry ransomware, Speedify VPN users were protected by having their traffic encrypted and safe.
  4. June 2017 – we started our first offline ad campaign on the Amtrak in the North-East region.
  5. July 2017 – as Apple complied to the Chinese laws regarding VPNs, Speedify was removed from the Chinese Apple Store, together with other popular VPN services.
  6. August 2017 – we launched Speedify 5.3, an important update which brings a new feature: dead hotspot protection.
  7. September 2017 – Speedify is avaialble for Android TVs and TV boxes.
  8. October 2017 – KRACK WPA2 security flaws for WiFi networks were disclosed; again – Speedify can make you completely immune to such attacks.
  9. November 2017 – we launched Pingify, a free utility for testing network coverage, Internet reliability, and VPN dependability.
  10. December 2017 – the FCC repealed the Net Neutrality rules dating from 2015. Speedify is still the best choice as a VPN service – fast, secure and reliable.

What’s Next for 2018?

As we cannot disclose the whole plan, here are some directions we will follow in the year to come:

  • We’ll continue to educate online users how to stay safe from cyber criminals and solve various issues related to poor applications performance due to Internet connectivity.
  • We’ll stand by people in countries with poor Internet coverage and help them extend the connectivity area, as we’re currently doing in Cuba.
  • Net Neutrality is one of the values we adhere to, so we’ll continue to support the efforts of organizations fighting for this, as well as support users that may encounter issues with their ISPs.
  • We want to make the Internet better in all its aspects: Internet speed, network coverage and VPN dependability. This is why we’ll continue to support people that want to test these objectively and make the best choice.

From all of us here at Connectify – we hope 2017 has been good with you and wish you a better and happier 2018!

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