Don’t be just a Celebrity – Monetize your Influence Online with Affiliate Marketing!

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Are you an influencer in your field of expertise? Great! But, are you fully monetizing your position? We’re not here to talk about speaking at industry events, seminars, TV shows, etc – but instead about using your celebrity status to help earn revenue across the Internet.

Affiliate marketing is everywhere you look

Without realizing it, you’ve probably contributed to the success and proliferation of the affiliate marketing industry. One of the most common scenarios is that you found a blog recommending a product, then clicked to see more details, and eventually bought that same product from an online retailer. In this case you were the customer, you found out about that great product from a source you trusted, and were able to buy it online.

How does it work?

At its core, affiliate marketing is a three-part relationship that includes the advertiser, publisher, and customer. The advertiser is looking for more customers, so they pay the publisher a commission to send potential customers their way. The publisher (the blogger, in the above example) uses a unique tracking referral link on their website, email campaigns, social media, etc. to send the potential customers towards the advertiser. Here’s a nice detailed graphical depiction of the steps in the flow.

How do Celebrities use affiliate marketing?

The more customers a publisher sends to the advertiser, the more they will get as payout, as advertisers often offer performance-based bonuses. That being said, the bigger your following the more potential customers you have.

Lets take a look back at the Republican National Convention (RNC)  in July  2016. When Ivanka Trump introduced her father, she came on stage wearing a dress that was part of her new line at Macy’s. After her speech she Tweeted:

“Shop Ivanka’s look from her #RNC speech: //  #RNCinCLE

The link shared was a unique affiliate link to her line of clothing at Macy’s.

By capitalizing on her well-televised appearance at the RNC, not only was Ivanka Trump able to generate interest in her own line of clothing, she also sent so many customers to Macy’s with her tweet that the dress she wore sold out the day after the convention. Truly a win/win/win situation for customers, advertisers, and publishers!

Get Started

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