Get 70% OFF for Summer Travel Sale

Alex GizisCoupons and Offers

Summer has definitely arrived, and for many of us that means the beginning of travel season. That’s why we’re offering a limited-time 70% OFF coupon for those of you planning your warm weather getaways. Whether you’re going home to visit the folks or taking a much-needed vacation with friends, it’s more than likely that you’ll be spending significant time in airports, on trains, and staying in hotels this summer. While staying connected is more important than ever, it can still be difficult to get Internet access across all your devices when you’re on-the-road. Here are some quick and easy ways that Connectify Hotspot users can save time and money with our virtual router software this summer:

  1. Families use Connectify Hotspot on vacation when the hotel charges up to $14.95 per device to connect to their Wi-Fi network. With Hotspot, families or groups pay only one fee. Start a Connectify Hotspot on the family laptop, and get your iPads, Kindles, and all of the kids’ gadgets online.
  2. Parents use Connectify Hotspot’s built-in firewall settings to control the connectivity of each child’s device, right from their laptop.
  3. Avoid paying for and carrying an extra device like the MiFi by tethering your smartphone and sharing the Internet with Connectify Hotspot.
  4. With Hotspot, all of your devices will instantly recognize the Wi-Fi network. No more reconfiguring your Chromecast to work with the hotel Wi-Fi. Your Connectify Hotspot maintains a personal area network that all of your devices recognize no matter where you are.

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