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What’s the Best WiFi Hotspot Name, You Ask? We Like These 18

In December 2017 we launched the 2018 version of Connectify Hotspot, the only mobile hotspot software that works on all Windows 7+ devices (including Windows 10 with Fall Creators update!). We wanted to find out what the best WiFi hotspot name is, according to our users and people everywhere. So, we ran the #coolhotspotname contest until the end of January. So, just before the Academy Awards, here are our WiFi hotspot name picks; each of them won one lifetime license of Connectify Hotspot MAX!

Best WiFi Hotspot Name Related to a Box Office Success

Dec 21 – Kingshuk ‘Tito’ De – The Last (But One) Jedi

Jan 26 – Mista Mixon – 50shadesOfFree

Jan 29 – Dan Stuart – The Ping beyond the (fire)wall

Best WiFi Hotspot Name Spoof After a Famous Song

Jan 1 – Roshan Ara – Life? in the Fast? LAN?

Jan 18 – Deb R – Jingle ?️?️?️ ? Man Smells ?

Best WiFi Hotspot Name to Discourage People from Connecting

Jan 2 – HeLL – try_again_later?

Jan 22 – Debnath Son – Just ?❌ For You

Jan 29 – Fiona Landis – Bill will be shared

Best WiFi Hotspot Name with Online Security Implications

Jan 20 – Dan da man! – This ?Is Monitored?

Jan 23 – Cripply Musk – Bob’s Unsecured House of Wifi

Jan 30 – Darren Leliot – Gone phishing

Best WiFi Hotspot Name for Getting the ‘AWW’ Effect

Jan 7 – Deathsmear – 4My?KiDs

Best WiFi Hotspot Name for Casual Proposals

Jan 23 – Vikings Fan D – Be My WiFi

Best WiFi Hotspot Name as a Drawing

Jan 25 – Tregs Jr Beales – cxxx{}:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>
(it’s a sword!)

Best WiFi Hotspot Name for Magical Worlds

Jan 18 – Conte is King – LANDownUnder

Jan 21 – Steven Schmidt – Zombiesatemyneighbor

Jan 27 – Ankit Bhatt – ADDICTIFY

Jan 30 – Gunter Fios – Whiz Palace ?

You can view more of the best WiFi hotspot names by searching hashtag #coolhotspotname on Twitter and Facebook ;)

Congratulations to all the winners! We will contact you via Twitter / Facebook to claim the Connectify Hotspot MAX license. Remember – follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more contest and cool prizes!

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