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Two weeks ago we started a contest to determine the coolest Wi-Fi Hotspot (SSID) names out there. We received hundreds of amazing submissions on Facebook and Twitter and couldn’t just choose 17 as we originally promised, so we picked 7 more to win Hotspot MAX licenses!

So, after much deliberation, and hopefully without any mistakes (see this year’s Academy Awards) it’s time to present the winners!

“Getting Together” Category:

Feb. 17 – @Chachi1290 – @connectify My #coolhotspotname is: partytonight

Feb. 18 – David Palmer – Called mine ‘Today’s Weather ?’ and neighbors have been clicking on it this winter. Expanding Connectify Hotspot fan base ?

Feb. 16 – Nathan Thomas – GetOffMyWifiFreeloader :p

“Best Pun” Category:

Feb. 22 – Enzo Versluys – Not?Spot, get the trick??

Feb. 24 – Vikash Vinit – To-Get-Her

“Best Song Pun” Category:

Feb. 17 – Daniel Madrid – Drop it like it’s Hotspot ?

“Best Movie Pun” Category:

Feb. 17 – @iamejazking – @connectify Silence of the LAN

“Best Movie Quote” Category:

Feb. 17 – Vincent Antarès Baillard – “ThatsMySpot”

Feb. 20 – PoulKruuse – @connectify My #coolhotspotname is “One does not simply, connect to this wifi ??”

Feb. 21 – Ravi Kumar Singh – connectify-valar morgulis

“Popular Youtube Video Pun” Category:

Feb. 20 – Kellie Newhouse – 2Girls?1Router?

“Think Twice Before Connecting” Category:

Feb. 17 – @TanujitGiri – @connectify My #coolhotspotname is: VIRUS DETECTED

Mar. 2 – Shishir Paudel – dare to be hacked

“Science is Fun” Category:

Feb. 19 – @evawnpeter – @connectify My #coolhotspotname is:☢️heisenberg?

“It’s Fun to Confuse People” Category:

Feb. 24 – @Cgor_Cenk – Searching ? @connectify #coolhotspotname

Feb. 17 – Patricia van Riemsdijk – i share the wifi on my rental place with connectify, cuz only one device can connect at the time and i dont pay double for it. so i call my Connectify connection: ‘Connectify- Wireless Printer’. so the owners think its just my printer whoes running a connection. :’) i feel smart whhaahaha

Feb. 26 – Sä RøzZê Gírï – I named my hotspot as “HIDDEN NETWORK” just to confuse people. :)

“Too Good to be True” Category:

Feb. 17 – Jay-r Cielo – “Free-WIFI-jusk-ask-the-owner-for-pass” yet no comes yet for the password..

“Changing the World Little by Little” Category:

Feb. 17 – Anwesh Pandey – ?DONTcryUSEmyConnectify?

“Supporting the Elderly” Category:

Feb. 20 – Akhil Garg – ‘connectify – papa use this one’.

“Best Hotspot Name Story” Category:

Feb. 23 – Frank K’naan Adebayor – I named my hotpots as “Shadow net”. The reason behind, whenever I get connected to Connectify, all my friends in the near by offices get connected and enjoy the technology without knowing the supplier! Now days they are calling me “Shadow Net” because of this amazing connection! Connectify make the life easy!! #coolhotspotname

Feb. 23 – Yassine Enissay – i named my hotspot as’Connectify-?-All time’
Because it saves my life when I have no connection on my telphone :)

“Most Funniest Hotspot Name” Category:

Feb. 26 – Atonya Changilwa Robinson – The promised LAN?
Help I’m stuck in the router?
Network not found?
Click here for viruses?

“Best Use of Unicode Characters” Category:

Feb. 27 – May Jy – wifi ssid: 老公不在家好不开心/老公回来了好开心
/ Wifi Ssid: hubby is not home so happy / hubby is back so happy

Congratulations to all the winners – we will contact you via social media to present you with your Connectify Hotspot MAX license!

Stay tuned for more contests with free license prizes! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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