USER SPOTLIGHT: Court Reporter Andrea M!

April 25th, 2012 by sackerman under User Spotlight


Andrea James MurphyAndrea e-mailed us saying she’s taking Connectify Hotpsot PRO to court.

No, she’s not suing us, silly. She’s taking us to court … and to depositions too!

Andrea is a freelance court reporter certified to write testimony at speeds up to 225 words per minute. She can keep up with the fastest talking attorneys on the planet. She not only writes the testimony, she provides it in real time to the attorneys engaged in the proceeding. You can see a picture of her above, posing beautifully with her Diamante® court reporter machine!

Instead of waiting days or weeks to get a finished transcript, a rough draft is sent wirelessly to their notebook computers in real time. Using CaseViewNet® to receive the transcript, they can stop, scroll, search and annotate the transcript to help them prepare for further testimony. No more yellow legal pads and copious note taking is required.

Andrea discovered Connectify when she received an email from Stenograph®, her technology provider, suggesting it as a reporter-friendly solution. Eager to stop tripping over power plugs and wires and to have one less piece of gear to carry with her, Andrea acted immediately.

She said, “I was just getting my Diamante® writer back from the factory-retrofit to add Wi-Fi so the timing was perfect. I took the Diamante out of the box, opened the email from Stenograph to follow the instructions and Connectify Lite was up and running in ten minutes. You couldn’t do anything wrong; it was so easy.”

Andrea was glad to have the option to try Connectify LITE before she purchased Connectify PRO, because she wanted to make sure it was compatible with her Dell® computer — which it was!

She further said, “Connectify PRO was less than half the cost of a router and I don’t have to worry about leaving it behind. It’s also one less piece of equipment I have to troubleshoot when hooking up computers.”

Andrea James Murphy, RPR, CSR, CCR lives in West Frankfort, Illinois and has been reporting for 11 years since graduating from Southern Illinois University. She is actively involved in the National Court Reporters Association, the certifying body for court reporters.

We are thankful for Andrea, and all other court reporters, who use Connectify PRO on a daily basis!

- The Connectify Team