Your Internet Will be Faster With Switchboard

Upload, download, and share using the combined speed of all your Internet connections. From VPNs to video games, everything you do online can be accelerated with Switchboard.

A More Reliable Internet

If one of your Internet connections stops working, Switchboard will seamlessly move your traffic to other available connections without skipping a beat.

Stream HD Movies Without the Wait

Easily combine all your Internet connections for fast and reliable access to streaming HD content and high resolution video chat.

See the Before and After

Video calls have never looked as good as with Switchboard.

Serious Technology Made Easy

Hi, Alex here! If you've ever wished for a faster and fail-safe Internet connection consider Switchboard your dream come true.

Switchboard uses a worldwide network of cloud servers and the power of channel bonding to combine all your Internet connections into a single faster and more reliable connection.

Add or remove Internet connections as you go and Switchboard will intelligently adjust to keep you online so your downloads keep downloading, videos keep streaming, and VPNs stay connected - all at top speed.

Switchboard for Business

We’re now offering Switchboard as an enterprise solution for businesses. With Switchboard Hosted Server, you get a private Switchboard Speed Server that gives your team unparalleled network performance and reliability.

What people are saying about Connectify Switchboard

"The acceleration is dramatic. I currently bundle a Vodafone LTE Session, a Telekom LTE Session and Wi-Fi for a whopping 40 MBits"

Christian P.

"Today I tested new software with four 3G connections and a video/audio upstream of about 4 Mbps. With Switchboard I have the best result of all my tests"

Enrico P.

"I use Switchboard every time I'm on the Internet, such a killer-app! If fact, the best bonding application ever!"

Christophe G.

"I was able to boost my throughput from separate 2Mbit + 4Mbit connections into a wholesome of 8-9Mbit single socket connection."

Robin M.