Introducing Connectify Hotspot 2015!

This is a new major release of Connectify Hotspot that includes exciting new features, improved stability, and several bug fixes.

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Connectify 2015 | Released: July 30, 2015 | View PRO Plans and Pricing


Release Notes

Connectify 2015

New in Hotspot 2015.1

  • Windows 10 Compatibility
  • Change display of bridging option to differentiate Routed vs Bridging methods of sharing Internet with clients
  • Fix for Wired Router sharing detection of Ethernet port state on some Ethernet adapters
  • Speedify 3 Compatibility
  • Stability improvements

New Features in 2015

  • Improved User Interface – All users enjoy a redesigned user interface that makes navigating Hotspot’s features easier than ever
  • Client Network Usage Information – New network usage information lets users at all product tiers know how much data client devices are using at a glance
  • Wi-Fi Repeater Mode (MAX) – Hotspot 2015 MAX is the only virtual router software with a real Wi-Fi Repeater Mode. Extend your home or office Wi-Fi and all devices connected to our hotspot appear directly on the source network.
  • Bridging Mode (MAX) – Enabling Network Bridging gives MAX users the power to “bridge” all devices connected to their hotspot directly to the source network. Get game consoles and streaming media devices like AppleTV and Google Chromecast working perfectly on your Connectify Hotspot.

Improvements and Bug Fixes in 2015

  • ARP caching for faster LAN traffic connections
  • High Resolution icons for High DPI & 4K displays
  • Properly formatted Windows Event messages from Connectify’s service
  • Long (>256 bytes) DNS responses no longer hang network access
  • Fix for ‘No Wi-Fi Adapter’/’AP Mode not supported’ showing after long periods of use
  • Fix for some Wi-Fi adapters not authenticating client connections occasionally

Changes in 2015 Bugfix 1

  • Wired Router mode functionality restored for PRO users
  • Fix settings validation bug when starting Wi-Fi Hotspot or Wired Router
  • Avoid a rare crash initializing the system tray icon
  • Shortcut creation fix

Changes in 2015 Bugfix 2

  • Support more network encryption types in Wi-Fi Repeater mode
  • Enhanced Bridging Performance 
  • Improved messages explaining, for example, when a network cannot be bridged

Changes in 2015 Bugfix 3

  • Fix ‘Start Service’ button being disabled in some situations
  • Allow bridging to non-private IP subnet networks, while showing a warning that this may not work. This should allow bridging to some college/university networks
  • Support bridging to networks with DHCP servers that don’t handle DHCP Relay
  • Disable background Wi-Fi scans intended to keep some Wi-Fi cards awake, but that interfered with other some Wi-Fi adapters’ AP functionality
  • Better job of keeping error message windows in foreground
  • Clearer error messages around Wi-Fi Repeater
  • Allow bridging to legacy Switchboard licenses
  • Clear out update installers when generating logs
  • Fix Wi-Fi Repeater error if you previously ran Wi-Fi Hotspot mode while sharing Dispatch
  • Default to enabling ‘Disable Adapter Power Management’ setting to help some Wi-Fi adapter keep power when sharing Internet from another source

Changes in 2015 Bugfix 4

  • Fixes for Internet/Local Network firewall controls when using bridging/Repeater mode
  • Force dependent services to start to help after a Windows upgrade disabled driver services
  • File Flings with files that containing ampersands and other characters no longer break the Fling display window
  • Handle WLAN API handles becoming invalid, causing Connectify to not see AP mode support on Wi-Fi cards
  • Handle Repeating/bridging to networks with MTUs smaller than 1500

Changes in 2015 Bugfix 5

  • Registered users may change their account password under Tools->Activate License
  • Fix a rare crash after starting a hotspot

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