Introducing Connectify 9.2.2!

This software package includes everything you need to run both Connectify Hotspot and Connectify Dispatch.

Connectify 9.2.2 is here! This is a new release of Connectify Hotspot and Dispatch that includes improved stability and several bug fixes.

Connectify 9.2.2 | Released: October 15, 2014 | View PRO Plans and Pricing

Connectify 9.2.2 Release Notes

  • Correctly read the MTU of connections with dynamic MTU values, such as Speedify
  • Fix compatibility with some VPN products - The ability of client devices to access the Hotspot host computer by using any of the host’s IPs has been turned off by default. It may be re-enabled by selecting Settings - Advanced - Access Host via Any IP. This fixes compatibility with Switchboard Personal Server.
  • Further stability and reporting improvements

Connectify 9.2.1 Release Notes

  • Fix compatibility with Speedify!
  • Fix 9crash bugs in the native networking code
  • Fix some log generation failures when file system permissions are broken

Connectify 9.2 Release Notes

  • Clients can now access the Hotspot host computer by using any of the host’s IPs
  • Fix for clients accessing upstream networks of the Hotspot host computer when a router isn't present, or the router doesn't forward traffic properly
  • Hotspot now uses packaged Open Sans fonts. This gives the software a more modern look and should fix crashes on the computers that cannot display Arial.
  • Fix credits/settings/license files occasionally getting corrupted
  • Stability improvements