August 11th, 2012 by sackerman under Kickstarter

“It would be great if you could somehow share Connectify Dispatch‘s aggregated Internet connections with your Mac somehow!”

In the past 4 days, we’ve heard this question a lot. The answer is OF COURSE  you can share your Connectify Dispatch super-Internet connection with your Mac, iPad or any other Wi-Fi enabled device that you own; that’s what Connectify Hotspot does!

The two products work together perfectly.  Once you have Connectify Dispatch installed on your computer, Connectify Hotspot gets a new choice in the “Internet to share” pull-down: “Dispatch.”

If you select Dispatch, then your hotspot uses Connectify Dispatch‘s aggregated Internet connection for the clients.  And it works great:  the more clients you have, the more smoothly that Connectify Dispatch can spread the traffic over Internet connections.  You can select whether Connectify Dispatch is aggregating connections for the your hotspot clients, your own computer, or both.

In fact, another way to use Connectify Dispatch, is to improve the reliability of your hotspot.  You can, for example, set it to use your cable modem as the Primary Internet, and mark your 4G connection to be the Backup Internet connection.  All traffic will be sent over the cable modem for as long as it works, but if it stops working for any reason, your clients will be switched over to the backup 4G connection.  And Connectify Dispatch is smart about it’s definition of “working”, it can tell the difference between a plugged in cable, and a working Internet connection.

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