August 10th, 2012 by sackerman under Kickstarter

Dispatch Update 2

After launching just 3 days ago, we’ve realized the press like us, they really really like us! Check out what they are saying about Connectify Dispatch:

TechCrunch - “Connectify has already had some incredible success…the same type of success is only sure to follow with Dispatch.”

GigaOm - “Connectify combines Wi-Fi, 4G into a superfast wireless pipe.”

Laughing Squid – “Dispatch is a PC app that increases the speed and reliability of your Internet connection by letting you use all your available Internet connections at the same time”

Gizmodo- “Finally, this little Kickstarter has made eyes turn thanks to the emergence of a project to combine connections WiFi for best rates!” – “This new networking software promises to combine 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and all other available Internet connections at the same time” – “Imagine rocking Bittorrent with this when you’re on the road! Or improving your Skype video calls or Google+ Hangouts On Air.” - “Connectify’s Dispatch just might be the next big thing.”

theurbanshotgun - “Dispatch might just become your next essential piece of software.” – “How cool it’d be to combine any (or all) of these connections to get a much faster and much more reliable internet connection? Well, that is exactly what the team at Connectify is trying to do.”

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