KICKSTARTER: Faster Wi-Fi with Dispatch!

August 29th, 2012 by sackerman under News & Announcements

As you may know, our team is a little more than halfway through a Kickstarter campaign to launch our latest software, Connectify Dispatch! We’re happy to say we’ve already reached our project funding goal. That means, combining Internet connections with Dispatch will be a reality!

Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up just about everywhere. Even the Wall Street Journal is offering free Wi-Fi hotspots. These days, you’re sure to encounter two connections that you can always use together for their combined speed and reliability, with Connectify Dispatch.

With Dispatch just around the corner, we wanted to show YOU exactly how this groundbreaking software could work in your daily life. Watch as the Connectify engineers head over to the local coffee house and use the free coffee shop Wi-Fi and an ISP-provided wireless hotspot for double-fast Internet browsing:

For more info, or to pre-order Connectify Dispatch, visit:!