KICKSTARTER: Dispatch for Mac…Kinda!

August 31st, 2012 by sackerman under News & Announcements

Mac users, it’s your turn to help us kickstart a networking revolution!

The single request we’ve gotten most since launching the Connectify Dispatch Kickstarter campaign goes a little something like this: “I love the idea for this product. But, will there be Dispatch for Mac users?”

The answer is simple: it’s up to our backers.

Due to overwhelming demand, we put some time into figuring out what it would take to get this technology off-the-ground for OS X users. Turns out we can do it for a lot less than we previously thought.

The Connectify engineers even have a (crazy) work-around to get the current version of Dispatch combining Internet connections right on the Mac (in a Windows virtual environment, of course). It takes a few minutes to setup, but it really works!

Check out this video to see how we do it:

We’ve even added a new $200 X-PLATFORM BACKER pledge level that will give you all the hardware you need to get the above Dispatch setup running on your Mac!

And, if you hurry and pledge now, we’ll reach our $250,000 stretch goal, and bring you the real-deal: a full Dispatch for OS X release that you’ll be able to install and run on your Mac with the click-of-a-button!

Alex and the Connectify Team

$200 X-PLATFORM BACKER Pledge Level:

  • 3 copies of Connectify Dispatch
  • 1 USB Hub
  • 1 USB Ethernet Adapter
  • 2 USB Wi-Fi Cards