Introducing Fling

The new Connectify Hotspot PRO feature that lets you wirelessly transfer files to all your devices

Connectify Hotspot PRO is an easy to use software router for your Windows computer that lets you transform your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can share a single Internet connection – such as wired ethernet, a 3 or 4G card or adapter, even another Wi-Fi network – with your friends, co-workers, and mobile devices.

Send and receive files with Fling and the magic of Wi-Fi

Transferring files to PCs, iPads, and smartphones has never been easier. Just drag a file onto the appropriate device, and Connectify Hotspot PRO uses your PC’s built-in Wi-Fi card to Fling the file securely, and directly to that device only.

Works with all of your computers and mobile devices

PCs running Connectify Hotspot PRO can Fling files to and from one another, while other computers, smartphones, tablets, and any mobile device capable of running a web browser can receive files using Connectify Hotspot PRO’s Fling feature.

Stop emailing yourself attachments and fumbling with USB flash drives

Don’t bother going back and forth with USB flash drives or emailing file attachments, just to transfer files locally. Connectify Hotspot PRO is the easiest way to share files between two computers within Wi-Fi range of one another.

Keep sharing documents even without the Internet

When no Internet connection is available, rendering cloud storage services useless, Connectify Hotspot PRO lets users start a local Hotspot and Fling files to all of their devices, for lightning-fast Wi-Fi file transfer on-the-go.

Don’t delay, pick up your copy of Connectify Hotspot Pro today!