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Utilize all your PCs Internet connections for blazing speeds

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  • Windows 7 (SP 1+) and above
  • 1 or More Internet Connections (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G/4G, Dial-Up)
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Your Computer Just Learned How to Add

Connectify Dispatch is an easy-to-use software load balancer that lets you use from all your computer’s Internet connections at the same time. Got Wi-Fi AND 4G? Two Wi-Fi adapters? Ethernet AND 3G? Connectify Dispatch will work with any and all of these technologies to increase your bandwidth.

Torrential torrents. Whirlwind web.

Torrential Torrents, Whirlwind Web

Connectify Dispatch is particularly well-suited for activities that involve downloading multiple files such as BitTorrent and web browsing. While a single large stream like Netflix can’t be split across multiple Internet connections with Connectify Dispatch, it will be assigned to the fastest one while other requests will be intelligently routed to other connections.

Dispatch bits, not dollars.

Use Data, not Dollars

With Connectify Dispatch's metered connections you can avoid costly overages by assigning bandwidth caps to your expensive 3G and 4G connections. Additionally, by setting their Priority level to Backup, Connectify Dispatch will only route traffic through them if your Primary connections fail. Fast, smart, AND frugal.

The Power of Load Balancing

In a nutshell, a traditional network load balancer is a hardware router that can connect to multiple Internet connections at once, balancing your Internet traffic across all of them for a faster and more reliable experience. The trouble is, most load balancing routers (sometimes called multi-WAN routers) are made with networking pros in mind. But, with Connectify Dispatch you get a fully-featured load balancing router in an easy-to-use software-only package. Unlike hardware load balancers, Connectify Dispatch lets you combine as many WAN connections as your PC can handle. And here's the best part: you get all this and more for a fraction of the cost of regular hardware load balancers. What are you waiting for? Try Connectify Dispatch today...

Why People ♥ Connectify Dispatch PRO

At Home
Whether you live in a city with Wi-Fi networks everywhere or out in the woods with spotty coverage Connectify Dispatch can deliver a faster and more reliable browsing experience. Urban environments are often filled with free hotspots and open Wi-Fi networks. With Connectify Dispatch you can utilize them all simultaneously for blazing fast Internet browsing. Just remember you'll need a separate Wi-Fi card for each additional Wi-Fi network you'd like to join - these are some of our favorites. Conversely, if you live in a rural area with slow or unreliable Internet service you can use Connectify Dispatch to load balance your home's cable, DSL, or satellite connection with your phone's tethered 3G or 4G connection or mobile broadband device for smoother and more dependable access.

On the Road
With Connectify Dispatch load balancing your PC's Internet connections, you’ll always enjoy faster and more reliable access any time you have 2 or more available Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or wired Internet connections. If the coffee shop Wi-Fi is too slow, just add your smartphone’s 4G connection and Connectify Dispatch does the rest, using the magic of load balancing to optimize your web browsing and much more.

At Work or School
Connectify Dispatch ensures that you never lose connectivity at work or school, where it counts the most. If one your primary connections becomes unavailable, Connectify Dispatch keeps you online, moving all of your traffic onto your working secondary connection until both networks become available again.

Monitoring and Optimization with a Single Connection
Even if you’ve only got one Internet connection, Connectify Dispatch tells you everything you need to know in order to keep your online experience running smoothly. From friendly tooltips that alert you when something is wrong with your Wi-Fi or DNS, to advanced bandwidth and latency monitoring stats, Connectify Dispatch gives you the full picture.

Learn about the Benefits of Connectify Dispatch PRO

Connectify Dispatch Lite vs PRO Features Matrix
  • Unlimited Uptime – No time restrictions, load balance multiple Internet connections 24/7 for a non-stop speed boost.
  • Application Specific Settings – Set Applications to use only a specific adapter and prevent programs like Windows Update from using up all your precious 3G data.
  • Connection Metering – Set limits on how much data each interface can use and prevent costly overages on mobile broadband connections
  • Interface Selection Method – Control how Connectify Dispatch balances your Internet traffic amongst available adapters.
  • Automatic Startup – Start and stop Connectify Dispatch automatically when multiple Internet connections are available.
  • Connectify Hotspot PRO Integration - Share your Super-Fast Connectify Dispatch connection with Connectify Hotspot PRO.

What the press is saying about Connectify Dispatch

"What if you could merge your home Internet connection with the free Wi-Fi from the coffee shop down the street AND with your phone's 4G connection to create a super-pipe with tons of additional bandwidth? That's what Connectify Dispatch does, perfectly."

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"Put all your Internets together into one big Internet!"

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"Dispatch is especially useful for [BitTorrent users]"

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"Connectify combines Wi-Fi, 4G into a superfast wireless pipe."

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"This has the potential of disrupting the entire telecommunications industry"

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What people are saying about Connectify Dispatch

“Love this software - well done! Had an opportunity to test it in Perth CBD with three wireless connections - very happy with the results. 64mb download and 30mb upload. Exceptional software!”

- Brad Bartlett, Perth Australia

“Wireless in my hotel was about 1MB, but when I added my 4G phone to the mix, it shot up to over 5MB! Usage, was very good! I cannot believe the speed difference I had. It was like working on my home network!”

- David Dracoules, Virginia USA

“I love Dispatch! It allows me to utilize my unlimited data allowance with Verizon beautifully. I don't have to disconnect from my phone's internet to fix simple issues that require my to maintain a connection to our intranet. Also, I'm now able to use Teamviewer again to connect to my home computer. This software is great! Keep up the excellent work.”

- Anonymous Survey Response

“Your software has been something I've been needing for my work for YEARS! If you have anytime doubted you have made people happy, you can now be sure. I'm one of those REALLY happy!”

- Quidware

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