4 Things I Learned at Engadget Live

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As we mentioned here last week, the Connectify team was invited to Engadget Live Boston this past weekend to show off Speedify for Android & iOS. It was an awesome event, to say the least. Friday morning, we rolled up to Boston on the Amtrak planning to get a little bit of work done on the 5+ hour ride. Of … Read More

Catch Us at Engadget Live

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With the waitlist for our new Speedify for Android & iOS product in full swing (we just rounded 30,000 sign-ups this morning), I’ve been getting really psyched to let people actually see Speedify for Mobile before the beta goes live. We’ve already posted little teasers here and there, showing Speedify on a variety of smartphones and tablets around the office. … Read More

How To Share Wi-Fi with Your Android Device

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With Connectify Hotspot installed on your PC laptop, you can easily share your Internet connection with your Android mobile devices. There are a zillion reasons you might want to get your Android device onto your PC’s Connectify Hotspot, including saving a bundle on hotel Wi-Fi. Hotels and airports are still notorious for charging exorbitant fees to get multiple devices online. … Read More

70% OFF for Independence Day Sale!

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July 4th is right around the corner, and that means big fireworks displays, and even bigger online sales! In addition to being the birthplace of Connectify, Philadelphia is known as the birthplace of America, so we just had to go big this Independence Day! To celebrate, we’re giving you 70% OFF all Connectify Hotspot PRO and MAX licenses so you … Read More

How To Setup Your Connectify Hotspot

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So you’ve just installed Connectify Hotspot… congratulations! Now it’s time to setup your WiFi hotspot and experience the ‘awesomeness’ of turning your PC into a real Wi-Fi hotspot. Here’s a super quick guide to get you setup: Step 1: On the ‘Settings Tab’ of the Hotspot UI you’ll want to make sure Connectify is setup as wireless hotspot. So click … Read More

How To Share Files Over Wi-Fi with Your Devices

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Connectify Hotspot allows you to Fling files to other devices and computers connected to your Hotspot. You can also Fling to other instances of Connectify Hotspot running on your local network. When a device is connected to your Hotspot simply drag the file (or multiple files) onto the Hotspot UI and drop them on the target Client. If the device … Read More

Bridging vs Bonding Explained


Bridging Mode ensures all your devices can connect to each other seamlessly

Bridging and Bonding are often confused with each other. While they may sound similar, they are two very different technologies. Bonding involves the aggregation of multiple Internet connections so that download and upload speeds are added together. If you were to bond a broadband connection of 10Mbps and another connection of 5Mbps you could potentially get a maximum speed of … Read More

Ask Support: Why Does My Android Phone Keep Disconnecting?

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If your Android device constantly disconnects from Connectify Hotspot there are a few easy ways to troubleshoot the issue.  Usually, when you’re having problems with a device continually disconnecting it’s an issue with your wireless drivers, but that not always the case. If updating your wireless drivers didn’t help the situation, then try checking the settings on your phone. Most … Read More