Alex Connects: Thank You, Comcast.

June 12th, 2013 by rhaldar under Dispatch, Posts By Alex, Tips & Tricks


Thank you, Comcast. Wow, that’s not something I write all that often about the ISP giant, but this time I mean it. There’s really good news for Connectify Dispatch users in Comcast country!

Comcast has announced that they are, “beginning to give [their] Xfinity Internet customers an additional “xfinitywifi” signal (or SSID) in their home. Offered at no additional cost to Xfinity Internet residential customers, the additional Wi-Fi hotspots will enable friends, relatives, visitors, and other Xfinity Internet customers instant, easy access to fast and reliable Wi-Fi.”

What does this have to do with us? Well, for awhile now, people have been saying that they want to use the Connectify Dispatch load balancing software to combine their home Internet with their neighbor’s, for faster speed and increased reliability. But, logistics always got in the way: Will your neighbor give you their password? Do they really feel comfortable letting you on their network?

Comcast has solved this. You can either plug into your cable modem and use Wi-Fi to join your neighbor’s new xfinitywifi hotspot, or you can get a second USB Wi-Fi card to let your computer join both WI-Fi networks at once! Then, just start Connectify Dispatch and enjoy faster web browsing, BitTorrent downloads, and more. Best of all, your neighbor is protected, because Comcast carefully segments the guest network traffic from theirs, so there’s no chance of them being blamed for anything you do.

Even crazier, Comcast promises customers, “an additional “xfinitywifi” signal (or SSID) in their home that is completely separate and distinct from the family’s private and secure home Wi-Fi signal.“ This appears to mean that you can use Dispatch to join both your home Wi-Fi network, and the xfinitywifi network from your own cable box. Do I want an extra speed boost beyond my Xfinity Internet plan, that doesn’t count against my monthly cap? Yes, please!

They’re not yet saying how fast the guest Internet will be, but I bet it will be more than a few megabits. After all, Comcast is putting their name on the network, and they will want it to give customers a good experience.

How is this possible? How can using the guest Wi-Fi possibly not slow down your Internet when they’re obviously running on the same wires? Ah, that’s because the physical connection that Comcast runs into your house is actually blazing fast… they limit the speed that you can see based on what you’re paying on your plan. There’s plenty more speed in those wires that they’re not sharing with you.

For everyone with Comcast and Connectify Dispatch, the Internet just got a lot faster.

If you’re a Comcast customer running the latest Xfinity Wireless Gateway with a public hotspot, we’d like to see what you can do with Dispatch. The first 10 users to contact us here with “Double Xfinity” in the subject line will win access to Connectify Dispatch.

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