May 15th, 2012 by sackerman under News & Announcements

Imagine purchasing a device, only to find out a few months later a new and improved device is out on the market. This might have happened to you with a cell phone or tablet, but now it’s also a problem that many 3G USB modem or 4G USB modem owners face.

A 3G/4G USB modem is a great for getting your laptop online, but what about all of your other devices without a USB port? Many Wi-Fi ready devices like the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle lack the USB port you’ll need to get online with your 3G/4G USB stick. The wireless carriers realized this was a worldwide problem, and began offering devices like the Mi-Fi. The Mi-Fi works the same as a 3G/4G USB modem, but has wireless capability to get ALL of your devices online, not just your laptop.

Yet, many 3G/4G USB owners are still in lockdown (I mean…contract) and cannot yet upgrade to the Mi-Fi. Connectify realized this was a major problem and created a solution to turn a 3G USB modem or 4G USB stick into a mobile hotspot.

With Connectify PRO, any 3G/4G USB modem instantly has the capability to provide Internet to multiple devices just like the latest mobile hotspot hardware, but at a fraction of their cost. Just download the software onto your PC, plug the 3G/4G USB stick into your computer, and you’ve got a Connectify mobile hotspot that offers much more in the way of features and security than hardware devices.

67% of Connectify PRO users reported that they are already using this feature to broadcast 3G/4G USB connections as Wi-Fi to e-readers, tablets, and other laptops, eliminating the need to break contractual obligations in order to upgrade their mobile broadband device.

The figures also show that Connectify PRO is being used in over 146 countries to unlock the power of single-device USB modems, giving users around the world secure Wi-Fi connectivity over 3G/4G mobile broadband.

Connectify PRO is available now. For more information, please visit www.connectify.me/mobile-broadband