Creating a “15G” Connection with Dispatch

January 30th, 2013 by sackerman under Tips & Tricks

As you can imagine, at Connectify HQ we’ve got a stockpile of 3G and 4G mobile broadband devices from a variety of manufacturers and carriers. We’re always testing with these USB sticks and mobile hotspots to make sure they “play nice” with Connectify Dispatch and Hotspot PRO. But, the other day, I half-jokingly suggested to the engineers that we should use our latest connection aggregation app, Connectify Dispatch, to merge traffic from several 3G and 4G devices from all the major carriers into one fat pipe. Not sure what I expected, but the team egged me on, so I decided to give it a whirl!

And since we were going to do it anyway, why not post a quick little video, too? I went down to my favorite coffee shop, Le Petit Cafe, and used Connectify Dispatch to cobble together the world’s first “15G” connection:

  • 4G – Verizon Jetpack
  • 3G – Cricket USB stick
  • 4G – CLEAR card
  • 4G – T-Mobile dongle

Connectify Dispatch adds them right up for a whopping “15G,” and gets all the carriers working together seamlessly (for once!). In fact, Dispatch took these four different 2-4Mbps connections, and combined them to create one faster more reliable connection with a max bandwidth of about 12Mbps!

To learn more about Connectify Dispatch, click here.

- Alex Gizis, CEO (and head geek) of Connectify